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A culmination of my life's work so far:

MTC imtc iibtcWrekThttp://www.MonsterTruckComics.com





I successfully passed the California First Year Law Student's Exam on my second attempt; after narrowly failing it on my first attempt.

Failing the first attempt most likely has helped me to comprehend how to go about preparing for the Big Bar. I believe I have done quite well here (pat's self on back)!



I have successfully finished my first year of law school. I earned a 2.72, but believe this will be increased to a 3.32 after passing the First-Year Law Student’s Exam in October 2017.

Obtaining my Juris Doctorate may help me to obtain some stability if I fail in my other pursuits. I suppose I must go ahead and bring those pursuits into reality to talk about failing.




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